He seems to be having a ball. Al is completely enamored of the whole process, and he loves working in the park. He keeps saying the only reason he’d like the show to move to Broadway is so he could have a bigger dressing room. «I am not happy,» he said. Nadal won the second set 7 6 in a tiebreaker and the third 6 0, and by the time everything was over, Nalbandian looked as if somebody had been hitting him with a broom all night. «I was scared about his backhand,» Nadal said.

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cheap oakley sunglasses I think we should sit back and give him a chance before we judge him.»President elect Donald Trump salutes as he and his wife, Melania, arrive at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, Thursday ahead of Friday inauguration.Describing herself as very liberal on social issues like race, the LGBT community and women’s rights, Franklin has noticed heightened security around the nation’s capital but little so far in the way of protests.91 year old SJ man to attend 18th presidential inauguration»I’m so happy to be here at the center of the action,» she said, even as she noted her concerns about Republican positions on women’s and LGBT rights.The Gibbstown resident and computer science major said while she disagrees with Trump on a host of issues, there is one place for common ground: «I also think we have a need for better cybersecurity,» she said, citing reports of Russian hacking. «I believe what the intelligence agencies are saying, and it’s terrible that it happened and that it was allowed to happen. We have to make that a top priority and make sure we’re not vulnerable in that way.»Dan Cirucci, a conservative blogger from Cherry Hill, was given tickets for the inauguration it would have been his third, as he attended both inaugurals for President George W cheap oakley sunglasses.

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