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fake oakley sunglasses Thank you for your portrayal of the recent downtown Baltimore sit in («‘Occupy’ protesters gather,» Sept. 5). Reporter Peter Hermann ‘s account of a 53 year old former real estate broker who quit her job to sell costume jewelry and now complains about not being able to afford «a bookkeeper» and a «web designer» brought home the degree of self absorption, entitlement, neediness and sheer dweeb iness of the assorted suburban PTA moms, tenured sociologists,. fake oakley sunglasses

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fake oakleys One of Dennler’s favorite additions this year was various volunteers who paraded the party venues dressed as famous movie characters including Darth Vader and Dorothy and her pals from «The Wizard of Oz.»Another longtime BIFF veteran, Sushil Abraham, recently relocated to Frederick, Md., after years of living in Boulder. He said he came back to town specifically for the festival this weekend and hopes to see 16 films, which would be a new record for him.»It’s a great festival, and I really enjoy it,» he said.Andrea Meyer, of Boulder, was attending her first BIFF event Thursday night and said she and her cheap oakleys boyfriend were excited for «Muscle Shoals.»»This is a really cool event, and it’s nice that it is on Valentine’s Day,» she said.Two other films on Meyer’s must see list this weekend are «My Father and the Man in Black,» a documentary about Johnny Cash and his longtime manager, and «The Iceman.» Based on true events, «The Iceman» chronicles the life of Richard Kuklinski, whose wife and kids, at the time of his arrest in 1986, had no idea he was one of the most prolific contract killers in America.The last guest to stroll up the red carpet and into the theater Thursday night before «Muscle Shoals» began rolling was this year’s BIFF «Pinnacle Award» winner and two time Academy Award nominated actor Peter Fonda. Fonda sported a white scarf and black dress coat, accented with a pair of bright red Oakley Formula One motorsport racing boots fake oakleys.

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