Кинематограф говорит с нами многими голосами и хочет, чтобы мы его понимали. Юрий Лотман


Семиотика кино и проблемы киноэстетики+

Одна из лучших книг о природе и особенностях языка киноискусства

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Quickly arranged a conference call on Monday afternoon for Maura and I to get on the phone with all four...

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Although the Earth Alliance and ZAFT forces have signed the Junius Seven Treaty in order to end the First Bloody...

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Johnson notes that the affordable+

To this critique, Johnson notes that the affordable housing law has in it a provision to in on the program...

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Third, and probably most irritating, is how often the improvement just feels incremental at best and unnoticeable at worst. High...

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She’s a do it all kind of gal for those DIY girls out there. He is also a designer that...

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The 5 1 Gators are in good shape in the SEC East. The Dawgs are coming in off a one...

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More kickers with unfavorable matchups: Morten Andersen at Tennessee, Phil Dawson at New England, Jason Hanson at Washington, Rian Lindell...

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На месте кровавой бойни, учиненной Андерсом Брейвиком, появится уникальный мемориал

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Shoes, he says, are his fashion priority. A good pair of shoes pulls an outfit together, and is worth a...

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Nothing like a nice gambling scandal to get the NHL back on track. When asked about his wife involvement in...

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We’ll stick with our recipe+

We’ll stick with our recipe. It’s vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s a twist on a white Russian, but...

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Ain’t no doubt about that.He said we need you man, at wide receiver. We have a quarterback that’s an All...

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But let’s give each other a break. Many gay men have spent years fighting feelings of not belonging, of not...

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For unsecured working capital, business owners can use the numerous social lending sites that have proliferated the Internet over the...

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Goes Beyond Navigation Try the ecoRoute feature to save money on gas. It will track the fuel used and show...

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Choose from 0 home plans or the 0 quick move in homes to find the perfect home for you in...

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«The big let down is with modern technology and science, I’m quite sure more could have been done. No doubt...

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